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    opinions on these names

    So guys I really need opinions on my girl combo lists
    Isabella Marie
    Annabelle Wren
    Rosalind Ella
    Alice Evangeline
    Arabella Snow
    Juliet Noelle
    Amabel Esme
    Melisande Fleur
    Anastasia Rose
    Winter Sophie
    Rowan Jane
    Primrose Victoria
    Ondine Juliet
    Arya Winter Rose
    Amelie Lovely Imogen or Amelie Winter Pearl
    Emilia Lauren
    Genevieve Rose

    Please guys tell what you think I should keep and what I should drop

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    Isabella Marie - I'd prefer Isabel Maria, it's slightly less generic. Marie is a pretty filler middle name, and I'm so over -bella names.
    Annabelle Wren - Like Annabel in that spelling, Wren I don't care for but it works here.
    Rosalind Ella - I like Rosalind, I think Rosalind Ellen might work slightly better
    Alice Evangeline - I find Alice a bit bland and Evangeline is too frilly for my tastes
    Arabella Snow - See Isabella, though Snow makes a rather interesting middle
    Juliet Noelle - I don't like either of these names
    Amabel Esme - Esme's nice, I fear Amabel will be mistaken for Annabel though a lot
    Melisande Fleur - I actually really like this combo
    Anastasia Rose - Ditto, though I prefer other Anna- names to Anastasia.
    Winter Sophie -I don't like season or month names much, and it hasn't got the best flow. Winter Sophia works better.
    Rowan Jane - Pretty sure there's a Berry on here with a daughter with that exact same combo. I don't mind either name, though I don't love either, either.
    Primrose Victoria - Prefer Rose to Primrose, which is too Hunger Games for me. Victoria's nice, Rose Victoria would be lovely.
    Ondine Juliet - Never heard Ondine before, not sure of it though, looks a bit made up to me, like London without the L in a weird accent.
    Arya Winter Rose - I actually rather like this. Winter's nicer in the middle, IMO.
    Amelie Lovely Imogen - Lovely would just be asking for teasing. Amelie and Imogen are nice enough names - Amelie Imogen Rose?
    Amelie Winter Pearl - Prefer this Amelie combo, though I don't care for Pearl
    Emilia Lauren - Love Emilia, but Lauren doesn't seem to flow, too L heavy I think. Emilia Fleur or Emilia Rowan maybe?
    Genevieve Rose - Have never liked Genevieve (I'm probably the only Berry who doesn't, as it's a favourite on here). Prefer Jennifer or Eve

    Anna Katherine * Lydia Ellen * Zoe Madeleine * Phoebe ___ * Imogen ___ * Emilia ___
    Samuel * Thomas * Charlie * Reuben * Oliver * George

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    You have lots of pretty names, but I think these combinations are the nicest and most wearable.

    Annabel Wren (only if spelled with one L)
    Alice Evangeline
    Melisande Fleur
    Anastasia Rose
    Rowan Jane
    Emilia Lauren
    Genevieve Rose

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    Thanks a lot guys :-)
    So I try to cut a lot names how about these
    Persephone Anne
    Hazel November Iris
    Charlotte Grace
    Saskia Adelheild
    Juniper Eve
    Indigo Belle
    Lyric Jojephine
    Story ????
    Eva Madeleine
    Aveline Belle
    Hadley Jane

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    Hm. I think you may not be considering how the overall flavor of the names work together.

    Persephone Anne - Persephone is mythological, fecund, strange. Anne is ultra-classic, spare, serious. They feel mismatched to me.
    Hazel November Iris - Hazel and Iris together- too much botanical for one name. November's rather... unsubtle. I prefer Octavia. Persephone Iris could work (both mythological, both call up images of spring...)
    Charlotte Grace - both so classic, so not at all surprising. Hazel Grace perhaps?
    Saskia Adelheid - Saskia is a sexy spy in a little black dress, Adelheid is a galumphing German opera singer.
    Juniper Eve - Yes, this works. Juniper is snappy and modern but evocative, Eve is a simple, crisp counterpoint.
    Indigo Belle - Yes, this works too.. but it's a little cartoonish.
    Lyric Josephine - Oh please don't inflict Lyric on dear Josephine. Hazel Josephine perhaps?
    Eva Madeleine - Eva is nms, ditto Madeleine. But this combination is unobjectionable.
    Aveline Belle - Aveline is lovely. I think you can do better than Belle..
    Hadley Jane - very Southern. Sweet, but not terribly unexpected. Aveline Jane could be great.

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