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    A definite YES:
    Luca - Love this! And have since I was a young girl obsessed with ER's Luca played by Goran Visnjic. It is a nice, soft, but strong boys name. And there is always Luke as a nn.
    Jasper - I love Jasper - Twilight reference aside (I don't think that will matter a fig in 5-10 years anyway). I can't use it because my SO's last name also ends in -er - sad. But I still encourage it to others
    Finn - I like Finn a lot, maybe not enough to use it myself, but it makes me smile when I hear others have used it. I've also used it in a story as a nn for Phinneaus. But Ph instead of F.
    Eli - I think Eli is awesome. Especially as a nn for Elijah.
    Ellis - This really appeals to me, and I can totally see it as a strong first name.
    Rhett - Oh Rhett! I think I just love this one because of Rhett Butler *swoon*
    Ryder - This is so not my style, but I acually like it. It is a little quirky, but has been used enough that it is an accepted name. I approve.
    Seamus - Guilty pleasure I would never use it - not only do I know a kid with the name, but I have other names I love more. I am Irish though... it could work.

    Maybe, maybe:
    Liev - I feel like I should like this name, but I just can't :\
    Noah - Too popular for me, plus I don't really care for the sound of it.
    Jake - I like Jacob, but not Jake.
    Joshua - I used to love this name, but it is far too popular.
    Isaac - I like Isaac, I do... just not as much as others.
    Ike - Only as a nn for Isaac.
    Brooks - Honestly, this is a really cool name. But, it sounds more like a guy getting called by his last name.
    Avi - A little too feminine.
    Adlai - Just reminds me of Adlai Stevenson.
    Soren - This does remind me of LOtR, actually, and might be okay on a little boy, but I find it too soft for a grown man.
    Vincent - I've just never really cared for this one, but it isn't terrible.

    Not so much:
    Wilder - Just not very first namey to me. Just not for me.
    Hurley - LOST reference aside, I feel like this would bring on a lot of teasing.
    Davian - Interesting, but a little too out there - NMS.
    Adler - Grace Adler Designs! Love Will & Grace, don't love Adler as a first name.
    Ocean - Too hippy for my tastes. Maybe as a middle though.
    Sterling - I have always found this name really cheesy. Maybe because my first encounter with it was Sterling Sharpe, so yeah.
    Ziven - A little odd to me. I just don't care for it.
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    Wilder - I like it and see a very handsome appeal in it, but I also imagine what it would be like for people that meet him for the first time, or see his name on their class role, or read his resume. There would definitely be a negative image of being "wild" associated with it at first encounter. That said, it may still be worth it to you.
    Liev - I prefer Leo.
    Luca - I prefer Lucas. I think it would often be mistaken for Lucas anyway.
    Noah - Safe choice.
    Jake - Lovely and handsome in every way. I think one day it will be dated, in the same way that Bob is a dated nickname for Robert now. But I also just really love the name Jake. Any man could wear it well.
    Jasper - Handsome. One of my personal favorites, and a family name for me.
    Joshua - Safe choice.
    Ike - All I think of is "I Like Ike"
    Isaac - Kind of boring
    Hurley - Not so great
    Finn - LOVE Finn
    Eli - I like it, but I think of the Eli in the Bible, who is not a positive namesake. Elijah nn Eli would be a better namesake.
    Ellis - Love it. Starting to be used by girls - keep that in mind.
    Davian - No.
    Brooks - Cute - very southern.
    Avi - Very nice, but be aware it is very much well used in the Jewish community, so if you don't have any ties to Judaism, you may just want to realize it is very much identified with the Jewish community (which I personally see as a fabulous thing, but then again, I'm a Christian with many Jewish friends)
    Adler - no
    Adlai - no
    Ocean - no
    Rhett - Rhett Butler 100% - NO
    Ryder - No
    Seamus - no
    Sterling - Silver
    Soren - Like it
    Vincent - Like it
    Ziven No
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    Wilder- I'm a fan, but it's not a top name in my book. However, it makes for an interesting choice.
    Liev- Not really a fan. It reminds me of Asher Lev, and seems very foreign... like I'd expect to meet a bearded Russian making borscht.
    Luca- Too close to Luke and Lucas, both of which are quite popular.
    Noah- Cute, but way too overused.
    Jake- I personally hate nicknames as names... go for Jacob, call him Jake. However, I'm also not a big Jacob fan.
    Jasper- This is a very nice name. It's handsome and manly, and not too common.
    Joshua- I've just known too many bad Joshuas...
    Ike- No... just no. This name is way too hard to wear. It'd be a great nickname... but it's ultra-masculine. Can you imagine if he was slightly effeminate or nerdy and named Ike? It'd almost be a burden to carry that name.
    Isaac- This is a handsome, classic name. I'm not a huge fan, but it is a perfectly nice choice.
    Hurley- I know a Hurley, and I'm not really a fan. I think it could be nice as a mn, but it's too tied to "Hurl".
    Finn- A rather safe, common choice. I think its cute, but it won't ever be one of my favs...
    Eli- This is my nephew's name. I respect their choice, although I much prefer Elias. I don't know why, but Eli makes me think of a black man in the post-bellum South sitting around shucking on corn. Elias just seems more refined, and a tad less country bumpkin.
    Ellis- I have a friend who named his son this. My only reservation is that it almost seems a tad feminine, especially since it sounds a bit like Alice. I'm truly on the fence with this one.
    Davian- No... not a fan. Have you considered Devin (my bro's name)?
    Brooks- I LOVE this name!
    Avi- No, I'd assume he was a girl.
    Adler- I think of "addled"... not a fav...
    Adlai- Once again, I think of "addled"...
    Ocean- Too hippy.
    Rhett- I knew a little boy with this name. It's an ok choice, but very tied to "Gone With the Wind"... not sure whether that's good or bad...
    Ryder- Way too trendy for me. Plus, riding often has a sexual connotation.
    Seamus- I'm always scared that I'm mispronouncing this one... so I wouldn't use it... but I have no feelings on it one way or the other...
    Sterling- I love this name so much, but the DH vetoed it. My friend is married to a Sterling, and I happen to know many, many Sterlings. For some reason, they are all intelligent, caring, and responsible. I associate with the "family man" sort of guys...
    Soren- Love, love, love! My DH is Iranian... which makes selecting names a very tedious process (they need to sound good in Farsi, English, and Turkish). This was one that I was quite glad fit that requirement. I love that it is unique while still sounding a bit familiar. I don't think you need to be Scandinavian to pull this one off... especially since it's also a popular name in Iran.
    Vincent- Vincent is ok, but I hate Vinny.
    Ziven- This sounds like a good name for an alien in a sci fi novel.
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    A marvelous name - Gaelic "Irish" - meaning Fair One - my son's name is is strong, yet gentle.When I named him in 1996 it was rare, but has gained popularity a bit....try it on your husband ~ he may surprise you.

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