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    A definite YES:
    Luca - Love this! And have since I was a young girl obsessed with ER's Luca played by Goran Visnjic. It is a nice, soft, but strong boys name. And there is always Luke as a nn.
    Jasper - I love Jasper - Twilight reference aside (I don't think that will matter a fig in 5-10 years anyway). I can't use it because my SO's last name also ends in -er - sad. But I still encourage it to others
    Finn - I like Finn a lot, maybe not enough to use it myself, but it makes me smile when I hear others have used it. I've also used it in a story as a nn for Phinneaus. But Ph instead of F.
    Eli - I think Eli is awesome. Especially as a nn for Elijah.
    Ellis - This really appeals to me, and I can totally see it as a strong first name.
    Rhett - Oh Rhett! I think I just love this one because of Rhett Butler *swoon*
    Ryder - This is so not my style, but I acually like it. It is a little quirky, but has been used enough that it is an accepted name. I approve.
    Seamus - Guilty pleasure I would never use it - not only do I know a kid with the name, but I have other names I love more. I am Irish though... it could work.

    Maybe, maybe:
    Liev - I feel like I should like this name, but I just can't :\
    Noah - Too popular for me, plus I don't really care for the sound of it.
    Jake - I like Jacob, but not Jake.
    Joshua - I used to love this name, but it is far too popular.
    Isaac - I like Isaac, I do... just not as much as others.
    Ike - Only as a nn for Isaac.
    Brooks - Honestly, this is a really cool name. But, it sounds more like a guy getting called by his last name.
    Avi - A little too feminine.
    Adlai - Just reminds me of Adlai Stevenson.
    Soren - This does remind me of LOtR, actually, and might be okay on a little boy, but I find it too soft for a grown man.
    Vincent - I've just never really cared for this one, but it isn't terrible.

    Not so much:
    Wilder - Just not very first namey to me. Just not for me.
    Hurley - LOST reference aside, I feel like this would bring on a lot of teasing.
    Davian - Interesting, but a little too out there - NMS.
    Adler - Grace Adler Designs! Love Will & Grace, don't love Adler as a first name.
    Ocean - Too hippy for my tastes. Maybe as a middle though.
    Sterling - I have always found this name really cheesy. Maybe because my first encounter with it was Sterling Sharpe, so yeah.
    Ziven - A little odd to me. I just don't care for it.
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