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    Weeding Through a Rather Long List

    Hey berries! So my husband and I have a few boys names picked out, but none of them really compare to how much I love our girls names. So today I went through all the boys names listed on nameberry and made myself a long list. I haven't passed any by hubby(don't exactly want to because I know he will veto almost all of them!). Before I pass them by him I'd like to really come up with a good defense for some of the names I really like on the list so, I was wondering if I could get your opinions on these!


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    Also how would you pronounce Adler, Adlai, and Ziven?

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    Wilder - Most men would like this I believe. I like it too, it's cute and makes me think of wild forests.
    Liev - Oh, I think of Liev Schreibner. He's a decent actor and he and Naomi Watts are adorable together. Love this one.
    Luca - Mm, Luca! Deliciously Italian.
    Noah - I think this one's cute. Sweet little rosy cheeked brown haried boys in tree houses.
    Jake - I'm not a fan but it is okay.
    Jasper - Love this the most. One of my favourite boy names, so sweet and handsome and fun!
    Joshua - I like this very much, mostly because of Joshua Radin. But a lovely name.
    Ike - I don not like this very much. But if your hubs is a South Park fan he might go for it.
    Isaac - It's quite handsome, but I prefer Isak.
    Hurley - As in Elizabeth?
    Finn - Yay! Very nice. Boys like Mark Twain and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, so I can't believe this'll be a hard sell.
    Eli - I go back and forth. Looks girlie to me.
    Ellis - Surname. But quite nice.
    Davian - Looks like a smoosh of Damien and David.
    Brooks - Surname... and not very nice.
    Avi - Ok.
    Adler - It's ok, I'd prefer Alder (as in the tree).
    Adlai - Eh, no.
    Ocean - Like. Sell it to the boys: Frank Ocean, brilliant musician.
    Rhett - Rhett Butler was hot, and it's got a certain swagger.
    Ryder - Winona? You've got better ones.
    Seamus - Kind of cool, and definitely fun to say! Shea is a sweet nn.
    Sterling - Badass motorbike name.
    Soren - I pronounce it the Scandinavian way, so if you do, it's fine.
    Vincent - Love this one. Starry starry night...
    Ziven - It looks weird. And it sounds weird in my head.
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    Wilder- I think this is a spunky choice, very manly a lot like Hunter, but better
    Liev- a handsome and unique choice
    Luca- its ok, I personally prefer Lucas or Lucian
    Noah- this name has never appealed to me, I feel like I'm hearing it more and more on girls recently
    Jake- handsome but common
    Jasper- I used to like it but I'm kind of "over" it now
    Joshua- another name I have never really liked
    Ike- only as a nickname
    Isaac- handsome choice
    Hurley- its ok
    Finn- its alright
    Eli- I like it, handsome
    Ellis- its ok
    Davian- sounds made up
    Brooks- nice choice, very southern sounding to me
    Avi- its ok, I prefer Ari
    Adler- nice choice
    Adlai- reminds me of Aldi(discount grocery store)... Not sure how to pronounce
    Ocean- not for me
    Rhett- very handsome choice
    Ryder- its ok, not my favorite
    Seamus- I really like Seamus, handsome choice
    Sterling- its a little to fussy for me
    Soren- its ok
    Vincent- handsome, strong name
    Ziven- seems made up to me

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    Wilder - Cool, masculine, strong - what man would argue?
    Liev - I am so-so on this one personally
    Luca - Yes! Luke is a great nn, but this is the first name to go with!
    Noah - A personal favorite of mine and kids love it! Noahs are popular!
    Jake - Just so popular right now!
    Jasper - A handsome name but I can see trouble getting DH on board.
    Joshua - my son's name! Joshua is a beautiful name and Josh is a strong nn - My Josh loves his name!
    Ike - may as a nn for Isaac
    Isaac - I love this! Ike or Zak are good nn's.
    Hurley - Makes me think of Lost!
    Finn - also strong and masculine - Ottilie is right - shouldn't be a hard sell
    Eli - Again, very popular but I was going to call my daughter Elijah of she was a boy.
    Ellis - I am so torn about this name. Not terribly masculine and will be a hard sell. I have a cousin Ellis and he hated his name.
    Davian - Did you mean Damian?
    Brooks - Too close to Brooke
    Avi - I love this but outside of Israel might be a hard sell
    Adler - a surname, not my style
    Adlai - interesting, different and you may be too young to know of Adlai Stevenson
    Ocean - Nope, nope, nope
    Rhett - Might go over with some men but not usually.
    Ryder - I like this kind of "cowboy" name, guys might like it too
    Seamus - Might have pronunciation issues in the US
    Sterling - Cool name with some art and some cowboy thrown in for an extra kick
    Soren - unless you have a DH with Scandinavian background, maybe not
    Vincent - I like Vincent, Vince is a great nickname and if he's not arty, try Vincent Price
    Ziven - nope

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