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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Liev. (My SO wants to carry on his name, so we would have a Lester IV...I've decided on Liev as his nickname. Obsessed.)

    My other favorites from your list are Wilder, Luca, Noah, Adler, Rhett, and Vincent.

    Seamus and Soren would provide easy opportunities for the other kiddos to make fun, in my opinion.
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    alyssa428 Guest
    Wilder - Cute and masculine at the same time! And I've never met anyone with that name.
    Liev - It's ok.
    Luca - Love this one.
    Noah - Just a great name even if it is getting popular.
    Jake - Only as a nickname.
    Jasper - Love it but you know people will automatically go to Twilight. Which is a shame because it's great.
    Joshua - meh.
    Ike - Southpark! Other than that, I like it!
    Isaac - Good strong name.
    Hurley - Gonna pass on this one.
    Finn - Love.
    Eli - One of my favorites even if it's popular!
    Ellis - Eh. Not for a first name.
    Davian - Different. It's ok.
    Brooks - Not for me.
    Avi - Don't care for it.
    Adler - Different. Something I like about it.
    Adlai - Not sure how you'd pronounce this so I'm going to pass.
    Ocean - Love it...for a girl.
    Rhett - Swoon. HUGE Gone with the Wind fan so of course I love it. It's handsome.
    Ryder - Cute but this has never struck me as a name that will age well.
    Seamus - No thanks. My mind immediately went to something nasty.
    Sterling - Sounds pleasant but not for a first name. Just not my style.
    Soren - Makes me thing of sores. Not good.
    Vincent - Nice. Classic.
    Ziven - SO not my style.

    Hope we help narrow it down!

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    Wilder - NMS.
    Liev - Meh.
    Luca - Like, but prefer Lucas/Luke.
    Noah - Like a lot!
    Jake - Prefer as a nn for Jacob, but I like it.
    Jasper - Not really a fan.
    Joshua - Like.
    Ike - Prefer as a nn.
    Isaac - Like a lot!
    Hurley - Not a fan. "Hurl" isn't an attractive sounds in a name.
    Finn - NMS but ok.
    Eli - Like, but I prefer a longer name (Elijah, Elliott)
    Ellis - Like.
    Davian - NMS. Prefer Devin or Damian as similar names.
    Brooks - NMS.
    Avi - Seems like a nn but I'm not sure for what.
    Adler - It's ok.
    Adlai - Like.
    Ocean - Don't like at all.
    Rhett - NMS but nice.
    Ryder - Don't like at all.
    Seamus - NMS.
    Sterling - Don't like.
    Soren - Love!
    Vincent - It's ok.
    Ziven - NMS at all.
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    javad Guest
    Wilder- Don't like.
    Liev- Pretty cool.
    Luca- I like this one a lot. Lucian/Lucius I like even more. Great name.
    Noah- Okay
    Jake- Prefer Jacob, don't like either that much though.
    Jasper- GREAT name! One of my own top 4. Tons of history. Cross-cultural. Gemstone, but masculine = cool. Great sound. Well recognized, but far from overused. Nothing bad about it.
    Joshua- It's alright.
    Isaac/Ike- Prefer Isaac NN Ike. But not a huge fan of either.
    Hurley- Don't like.
    Finn- Like some of the longer forms (Finnegan/Finnian/Finlay) better.
    Eli- I like it, just becoming a bit overused it seems.
    Ellis- I like it. Prefer Elliot or Elias though.
    Davian- I'm not sure if it is, but it feels made up.
    Brooks- Seems like the multiple of the common female name Brooke. Not a fan.
    Avi- I like it, though it feels a bit more like a nickname.
    Adler- I like it
    Adlai- I like it even more.
    Ocean- No. Oisin/Ossian (O-sheen) has a similar sound, but is a name. A good one.
    Rhett- Okay, though I prefer Everett.
    Ryder- Dislike quite strongly
    Seamus- I like it. Not a ton, but I do like it.
    Sterling- Think this would be a fantastic name on the right person. Wouldn't fit every personality, but is an excellent name.
    Soren- Great name, I just wish it has a more interesting Scandinavian meaning. It's connection to the name Suren (an old Zorastrian era name, pre-Persian) is cool though, and gives it a more meaningful meaning (I think it means something like "heroic one")
    Vincent- It's okay.
    Ziven- There a handful of Z names I really like, this isn't one of them.

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    Wilder - I always think of Oscar Wild when I hear this name. That rolled up with the fun and shenanigans of "Importance of Being Earnest" and the outdoorsy hunter type. (Yeah I know all over the place. But imagine a woodsy type of guy who chops your wood and also love the theatre. Not sure that's a selling point for a man though).

    Luca - It's fresh, modern and very metropolitan.

    Noah - I adore this rising star. Classic and yet very contemporary.

    Jasper - Love, Love, Love. It's classic, strong and reminds me polished boots and sword fights. It says I'm a gentlemen but I can handle myself in a fight all in one and has great contemporary appeal.

    Isaac - I like Isaac it's strong and routed in history and has a nice Torah/Biblical ring to it. Nn Ike is great with this.

    Vincent - I love Vincent and am contemplating it for my top ten to replace Victor (my SO's mothers name was Victoria). I think it's masculine and strong and simultaneously dark and romantic with a little bad boy flare. Super sexy, can't see the boy not getting laid. (Don't know if that helps, would totally work on my guy friends as a great reason. lol.)

    Sorry I got through like half and then ran out of steam (I deleted the non-helpful remarks like nms. I'll try to be back later and do a few more. Breakfast would probably help.)
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