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Thread: Sibset names?

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    Sibset names?

    What are your opinions of this sibset's names?

    Imogen (Immy)
    Zachary (Zack) and Alexander (Alex) [Twins]
    Thomas (Thom or Tommy)
    Penelope (Penny)
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    I think Imogen & Penelope go really well together (and I personally ADORE Imogen, by the way), but because Zachary, Alexander and Thomas are a little more mainstream they go well together but not as well with the girls. Overall though, all of your names are classic and nice so I think it makes a good sibset. It's clear you have a slightly more traditional taste in boys names, though. That being said I don't think someone who doesn't spend as much time as I do thinking about names would notice that.

    Side note: I like that you spell Tom "Thom". It would throw people for a loop I think but I've never understood why we suddenly take the 'h' out when we shorten the name, shouldn't Tomas -> Tom, Thomas -> Thom. I've always liked Thom better.

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    Penelope is the only one that doesn't seem to fit because the rest are all so much more popular, in the UK at least I hear all the other names at the park but I've never met a little Penelope.
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