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    I may never get this baby named....

    Okay so...

    We have an older brother, Coleridge (Cole), and a big sister, Lorelei (Rory), but now we need a third name. For a girl I am pretty much sold on Eleanor Rose (Ellie Rose) but the boy name has me stuck big time!

    What do ya'll think about:
    Willoughby (Will)
    Tobias (Toby)
    Tennyson (I have no idea)
    Emerson (Emry)

    ??????? Please HELP!
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    Willoughby (Will) - kind of cool and Will is cute with Rory and Cole
    Tobias (Toby) - I love the name Tobias! This would be my choice because of that.
    Tennyson (I have no idea) - Poets? Not sure I like this. Only nn I can think of is Tenny or Sonny
    Emerson (Emry) - If you are going to choose another poet, this is it. Emry is cute.

    All in all, I would go with Tobias or Willoughby. I kind of like Tobias Emerson as a name!

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    Tobias by a mile! I love it. Plus, it goes great with your other kids names. FYI, Emerson and Emry are both used a lot for girls now.

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    I love the name Willoughby, nn Will! It is a name that I have never thought of using before. I think that's it works very nicely with the sibset also. My second favorite from your list is Emerson.

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    To me, Willoughby is the villain from Sense & Sensibility...although it flows nice, I can't get past it.

    From your list, I love Tobias and Emerson. Toby and Cole sound like brothers to me.

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