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    Stellan August Isidore "Stellan" - personally not a huge Stella/Stellan fan but this combo is fantastic.
    Edmund Hugo Illarion "Ed" - I love Hugo and Illarion. Thumbs up!
    Isidore Caius Leopold "Dore" - With the popularity of the female Isabella-name-family I always worry about little boys named Isidore I'd probably switch it up to Leopold Isidore Caius.
    Rodion Severian/William/Wilhelm Hopper "Rodion" - nms.

    Cordelia Hester/Esther Primrose "Cora" - Hester/Esther Prim? Anyone else think Scarlet Letter? I love each of these names individually and might not think about it if Primrose weren't right after Hester/Esther.
    Hermione Agatha Jane/Beatrice - Love the Jane combo.
    Albina Gwenore/Fable/Honor Rosalie - I like many of these names just not in this order. Rosalie Honor Albina would be my suggestion.
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    Stellan and Hermione for me
    Catelin Geneva
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    Top Combos: Rowena Story and Atlas Fox

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