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    It sounds something like Mohn-seh-rrat. You have to trill the r. It's a beautiful name in Spanish, but unfortunately it loses a lot of its prettiness when pronounced with an English accent.
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    It is quite common in Mexico and it does sound pretty in Spanish, but I have to agree with everyone that it doesn't sound so good in English.

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    Island destroyed by volcano

    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    Agreed with PPs. Monster Rat- that's not a good association. My immediate thought was of the island; the one that got mostly destroyed by the Soufriere Hills eruption. If it absolutely has to be used, it should only be in the middle spot :/
    Exactly what I thought. If you need to use it, put it in the middle!

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    I know a teenager named Montserrat! She goes by Monse, but also goes by the full Montserrat. But then again, just like previous posters have said, she is a Spanish speaker, so the name sounds rather pretty
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    The T is silent and it sounds absolutely nothing like 'monster rat' when spoken aloud, but alas, it's hard to get by that when written.

    I think it's beautiful and very evocative-- like others, I think of Montserrat Caballe-- but even the literal meaning ("jagged mountain") is a tough sell.

    @redwoodfey how interesting to have an Erica and a Montserrat in the same family!
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