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    Katherine, oh why do you taunt me so?

    OH's favourite girl name is Katherine, and while it's not top of my list, I do like it. I know I'd be likely to use a nickname with it though, and herein lies my issue.

    Problem is, he doesn't like the NNs Kathy or Kath as he thinks they're really old-ladyish, and I'm inclined to agree with him on that.

    I like Kate, but I'm not so keen on Katy/Katie as I knew so many growing up, and I think she'd get Katy/Katie more as a child before she gets Kate.

    There's Kat, which I don't mind, but does it sound odd next to a one syllable surname that begins in the same hard K sound?

    And just how long will it be before Kitty stops being cute and starts sounding silly as a nickname?

    Also, with a surname that begins with C, do you think Catherine or Katherine would be the better spelling? And what about with potential brother Charlie?

    Anna Katherine * Lydia Ellen * Zoe Madeleine * Phoebe ___ * Imogen ___ * Emilia ___
    Samuel * Thomas * Charlie * Reuben * Oliver * George

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