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    What is your impression of Lincoln vs. Asa ?

    We've begun to really narrow the margin on boy names, and I would like to know what sort of impression that each of these names gives. We had Asa on our list a couple of years ago and decided not to use it because our son looked more like a different name on our list (Ross). However, I keep feeling like we need more than just Lincoln on our list, so I pulled Asa back out and shook the dust off of it, and am wondering if anything has changed with Asa in the last two years.

    Do you like one better than the other? Are they in the same 'camp' in your mind?

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    Asa: This is a good name, and I really like Asa with big brother Ross. They both give me the impression of an intelligent, quiet young man; very sleek, simple but underused names. I think they go well together but they don't tie you into a "theme" in case of more children, especially more boys.

    Lincoln: I really like this name. It is trendier than Ross, and is not in the same camp as Asa and Ross. I feel like it is one of those name you think no one else has thought of, and then you check and it's #50 of the Top 100 in you state, or some jazz like that. However, I get kind of an American History vibe - Betsy Ross, Abe Lincoln? Not that you'd have to name your next baby Benjamin Franklin, it just popped into my head as soon as I said Lincoln and Ross together, which feels like a theme. I'm not a fan of matchy-matchy sibsets, so Lincoln and Ross would probably be fine to everyone else, as I'm probably the only weirdo who will think of that.

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    I don't really like the name Asa, doesn't sound very masculine to me. I do like Lincoln and sounds fine with Ross.

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    I don't really understand how Asa is a boy's name. It is just so feminine to me!!! Maybe it's because of the Ava's/Ada's/Ala's out there....
    I do like Lincoln for a boy, and I really really like it next to Asa.
    axps123 has a point about the American history vibe, but I don't think it's obvious enough not to use the name.
    Ultimately, Lincoln and Ross are good, solid names.
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    Neither are my style but I like Lincoln a little bit more. Asa reminds me too much of Ava.
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