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    Margaret Louise Ashford

    Confusing story here, but I'll try my best to explain.
    Okay, this girl hates her old-fashioned name, Margaret, and everyone refuses to call her any nicknames. So when she gets to a new town, she immediately calls herself Margo, intending to stop anyone from thinking her name is Margaret. And then eventually, she meets a friend who won't call her Margo, because he has bad connections with the name, and calls her Mae instead. Thoughts? Does Margo/Mae Ashford sound good? Also, is it reminding you too much of Fiyero and Elphaba (Elphaba--Fae, Margaret--Mae)? Thanks


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    Quote Originally Posted by laileybug View Post
    Also, is it reminding you too much of Fiyero and Elphaba (Elphaba--Fae, Margaret--Mae)? Thanks
    Not at all. Unless the boy's called Fiyero I wouldn't even think of them

    I don't know if renaming her three times might be a bit much though. My character went from using the initials of her three names to just using her first name. It was easy for me to make the change as I called her by her 'real' name all the time in my head but I still fretted over it in case people were really attached to her former name and found it difficult to adjust. I definitely couldn't do it three times.

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    it sounds good, and I don't know anyone named Fiyero, so, yeah. I'm fine with it. If you don't have a name for the friend, you can name him Maxwell nn Max, or Anthony, nn Tony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laileybug View Post
    Also, is it reminding you too much of Fiyero and Elphaba (Elphaba--Fae, Margaret--Mae)? Thanks

    No, that was a really really minor thing in the book. I think it was mentioned three or four times, if I remember correctly.

    I don't see why everyone wouldn't just call her by a nickname; I've actually had the OPPOSITE problem in my life. Everyone ends up calling me Celia, even if I introduce myself as Cecilia and refer to myself as such in all things (I'm not too insistent, though). Hopefully you have a really good reason for that, otherwise people will get confused.

    And like renrose said, changing names a lot gets confusing. I have a character named Hazel, who is called Elle by her boyfriend, but everyone else calls her Hazel. I couldn't add another name in there, I'D get confused. Maybe she has the same problem in this new town with everyone calling her Margaret, and he has problems with Margaret, so HE calls her Margo. Just to knock out some naming confusion.

    Of course if the three names are IMPERATIVE to the coherence of the story, then keep them, and to answer your question, yes, Mae is a perfectly acceptable nickname for Margaret that doesn't evoke Elphaba at all (as wonderful as that association may be).
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    I'm so happy to find yet another Wicked fan! ^_^
    Okay, to answer some questions: She is actually only called Margaret for a few pages into the book, so I don't personally think it would be too confusing. And she doesn't really like him calling her Mae, but he doesn't like calling her Margo, so for a while he just calls her a lot of random things until he comes up with Mae. Oh, and her old friends and family back home are very attached to calling her Margaret, because it's a huge family name and it's honoring a lot of ancestors. I'm actually kind of liking the suggestion of cutting out one of the names--everyone calls her Margaret, but he has bad connections with that name, so he calls her Mae... That actually makes a little more sense, since Mae is a nickname for Margaret, not Margo... One more question: I need a name for the boy now. So far, I've got Calvin, Soren, and Wyatt. Preferences? More suggestions? You guys are the best


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