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    If baby is a boy- Samuel Luke OR Luke OR???

    We would be so thrilled! and Surprised as we have 7 girls three boys (2 adopted and our oldest who is 16 is our only biological son..)...
    All of our sons have biblical names :Jonah Joseph, Levi Benjamin and Isaiah Daniel.
    We were pretty set on Samuel Luke... but all three of the little girls have S names (Sophie, Sarah and Serena), so I am wondering is another S in a row, even on a boy may be a bit much. Thoughts? Hubby also like Luke Samuel..... I am not as sure of the flow. He has completely vetoed Asher... which I love.... He also LOVES the name Ian, but, I feel he would feel really out of place being the only son with a non-Biblical name. A few other names we have thrown around:
    Matthew, Josiah (too close to Jonah?), John (in honor of hubby)or John-Patrick (which I love, but to me it has a totally different "feel" than our other boys' names...Last name is 3 syllable starts with ES ends with "ah" sound... .... So I am open for ideas and suggestions We have about 5 weeks to go before our ultrasound
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    I think Sophie, Sarah, Serena and Samuel wouldn't be as bad as having another S- name girl, but I'd go against it. Luke Samuel actually flows better to me because Samuel Luke has back to back L sounds and to me runs a bit like Samueluke.

    Josiah, to me, is too close to Jonah - I don't know if Jonah goes by his full name all the time but both him and Josiah could end up going by Jo/Joe one day which could get confusing. John is also a bit close to Jonah in how it looks, to me. John-Patrick is actually rather nice, what about John-Luke? Two biblical names which fits in with your boys' names, and if I remember rightly some of your girls have hyphenated names too which would mean his name wouldn't stand out too much.

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    That's a lot of s's.. How about Ezra?

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    Luke Samuel flows nicely (IMO)

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    Hubby vetoed Ezra as well. We did consider John-Luke, but I am just not loving it. Yes, several of our girls do have hyphenated names I do really like Luke, a lot....
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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