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    A sister for VIOLET EVE....

    Hi everyone

    We are expecting baby girl number 2 in a few months time and cannot agree on a name! It's driving me crazy!

    I am revisiting this post as our top names have changed since I posted a couple of months ago......I really need some advice?!

    Our first daughter is Violet Eve so we'd love an equally beautiful name to compliment.

    Our current favourites (in no particular order):

    Lola Juliet

    Delilah Pearl

    Juliet Pearl

    Estelle Ruby

    Estella Pearl

    Giselle (can't decide on good middle name)

    *The names Lola and Delilah are a little contentious as I have a niece named Layla. My brother & sister-in-law don't have a problem with either of these names being used (she thought it was quite sweet.....) I love both of these names but i'm just not sure....

    Any feedback or alternate suggestions (first & middle names) would be wonderful! Thank you xx

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    Violet Eve is gorgeous!

    My favorite from your list is Estelle Ruby.

    Other suggestions:

    Cicely Juliet

    Georgiana Ruby

    Thessaly Pearl

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    I like Delilah Pearl. I also love Giselle. How about Giselle Ruby?

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    I really like Violet and Lola as a sib-set! Good luck.

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