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    My OH thinks Freya and Phoebe are 'really unusual' - er, they're top 50 names in the UK, and have been popular for quite a few years.

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    I love Emily but it's been popular for ages and ages. It's pretty much always around. I guess maybe I could see not feeling that it's trendy so much as omnipresent, like Elizabeth or Katherine. It doesn't feel tied to a particular decade all that much to me because I know ones my age (30) my mom thinks its old-fashioned, and there are new ones born every day of the year.

    But I do know someone who has two daughters under five named Isabella and Sophia who swears up and down she didn't want popular names, in fact picked Sophia for something obscure. I don't think there's anything wrong with loving popular names, I just wouldn't tell myself they were rare.

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    Some family friends just had a wee Emily. They said they wanted something not too common but well-known. Well, they got the well-known bit right.
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