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    Where has he been? There are Emily's everywhere. Of all ages.

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    When my godson was born, my bff's mother and I were standing outside of the hospital room for a bit and chatting. A hospital staff member approached us, and we just small-talked for a bit.

    She asked what my godson's name was going to be. I said, "Ethan Tyler." Her response: "Ethan? That's a different name."

    I honestly thought she misunderstood me, so I repeated it. She said she had never heard of it....You work on the baby-birthing floor of a hospital. Le sigh.

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    My husbands the same. When we chose Arthur he claimed that he would be the only one in his school and I had to break it to him that he probably wont be. He was really surprised but it didn't put him off the name (thankfully!).

    He was also surprised about Jack & Oliver being popular too. Haha. Men.
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    Just the other day, I mentioned that Isabella was a popular name and my husband didn't believe me! To be fair, he works in hospitals and most of his patients are, um, no longer young, so he has very little interaction with children. Still, how did he miss the influx of Bella/Isabella/Arabella/etc. over the past decade or so?? He also said Estella, my favourite name, "sounds like an old Italian lady". Sigh...
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    To be honest I've only met one Emily under 5 and I work in a childcare centre, when I went to school there were a few Emily's in my year, I think maybe 6. I mean it's a common name I've heard a lot but not one I've seen in use in my day to day life. The Emily I did look after though last year was 2 and one of the sweetest, funniest, spunkiest little kids ever. I live in Queensland Australia though so it might be much more in use in other areas
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