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    I think it is pretty, but agree that prn issues are a certainty. I thought it was Nell when I saw the post. I agree that Nella Cole might be a better choice with that prn.
    I agree with this, I thought Nell or Nellie, would never have guessed Nella if I wasn't told...

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    Nelle Cole isn't my favorite, it's almost like an elongated version of Nicole. To go with Sabine Elizabeth (which I adore by the way!) you could go with Poppy, Fiona, Juniper, Freya, or even Genevieve.
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    I agree on the prn issues would never have guessed Nella from the spelling. I do like Nella but not sure with Cole as a mn. I prefer Nella Colette x

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I've been pushing my hubby on the "Nella" spelling, and I think he may now be convinced that it will make her life easier. However, he's now saying he's not as big of a fan of the name anymore... urgh - back to the drawing board...

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