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    As someone who has suffered loss, I cringe when I see them in the feed.

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    never seen these games but agree that yes , this is disturbing and that these people have obviously never experienced or come close to experiencing real tragedy. Maybe it is also a sign of our times that people seem to be becoming desensitized to humanity and are more concerned with taking videos of tragedies for their youtube account....

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    Honestly, yes, a lot of them are too over-the-top for me, but in terms of loss... people watch sad movies, read tragic books (which *somebody* has to write), and I'm sure that a few of the people participating in these games have experienced loss in their own lives. They're just games, and if they make you uncomfortable, don't participate. People have different sensitivities to upsetting situations.
    And I think it's better that those types of stories stay on the games board, rather than having people fake these stories on the other boards (I've seen that happen countless times).
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    I am also with those who play games, but avoid that type for many of the listed reasons. I like the games that request a type of name like nature, paired with a type of middle, like classic and such. Only because it helps me discover new ideas!

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    I am a bit bothered too. You may call me too sensitive but I am really afraid that if you imagine bad things happening to you, it may come true. And there are a lot of other ways of getting to name imaginary babies - without death, miscarriage...Sadly, many people go through these or may go someday - and I think it would be better not to talk about such things without a reason. I hope Nameberry will become a drama-free site one day and if somebody wants drama, she/he will get it anywhere else.

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