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    Am I crazy for liking Bartholomew?

    While I've basically given up on girls' names, my boys' list continues to get increasingly lengthy and varied. Lately Bartholomew has caught my eye, but am I crazy for liking it? Is it too much? With names like Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Malachi in the top 200, it doesn't seem like it should be... but I'll let you tell me.

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    Honestly, I don't hate it. I admit it is a whole lotta name, and the boy who carries it would have to OWN it in school to make it work. I actually like it better than Malachi.
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    When I was a kid I wrote a story with a protagonist named Bartholomew. I picked the name because I thought it sounded funny. As an adult I can now appreciate it for its history and rarity--but I assume little Bartholomew's classmates would probably just think it sounded funny. Too much teasing potential, in my opinion.
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    If you're crazy, then I'm crazy. I have Bartholomew on my long list, I think it sounds very distinguished and I loove the nn Tolly. Unfortunately, I hate Bart so I'd probably never use it, but it could make a very cool middle name and I'd love to see it on someone else's baby.

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    I knew a Bartholomew at university, when The Simpsons was uber-popular and still he went by Bart with no issues. I prefer Tolly mentioned above as a nickname.

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