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    Torn between Dean and Deacon

    My son and husband like Dean, I prefer Deacon. Dean is nice, but a little blah to me; Deacon has personality. I feel like Deacon is a little out there, not sure what peoples reactions are going to be. Would love to hear your thoughts on these names.

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    I prefer Dean. Its very handsome and strong. Deacon is okay, but I see it more as a title for a church person than a name. Although Dean also is a title (for a school official), but it just feels like more of a name.

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    domestikated Guest
    I love Deacon! I'd use it if we could but it's too strongly associated with the Church official in our circles. I agree- Dean is classic but a little beige compared to Deacon.

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    I prefer Deacon. Yes it could be a bit churchy, but it's funky too.
    To me, Dean is a very dated boy's name - quite popular over here in the late 70s/80s. Doesn't feel like a classic at all, sorry!

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    I suggest a compromise. I love the name Deacon. Name him Deacon, use Dean as a nickname.

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