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    I think Anouk is lovely, and it would be fine for to use it.

    I am not a huge fan of Constanza though.
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    I actually know an Anouck- born and raised in France, lives in America. I think it could definitely work, but a few people had trouble with pronunciation. Constanza is quite pretty, but I think I prefer Constance. It could definitely work, though!
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    ANOUK is my favourite name ever since I read 'Chocolat' I fell in love in love with little Anouk and wanted a little girl just like her.
    A big no no for my husband though he does not like it one bit
    Go for it!
    I love the thought of little Anouk's everywhere!!

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    I think one of the great things about being American is that technically the country is a melting-pot of different cultures. (Mostly western european in most parts but hopefully becoming more diverse by the minute). Anyway, I don't know what your heritage is but if you have even one French ancestor and your a Francophile using a french name would seem very appropriate.
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    I thnkit's ok if you have a special connection with the culture but I might stick it in the middle spot if you plan on raising your children in the US. I love a few names that come out of the Mexican culture after having lived in Mexico for awhile (Itzel, Ximena). My only problem with using them for a daughter would be trying to train my all-American husband to pronounce them corectly!

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