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    Not pregnant, no babies, not even TTC yet, but we've talked about it and decided to wait when (if) the time comes. We'll see if we can hold out. We both like the idea of being surprised right there with a new baby to see, but gosh I am not good at waiting. We once opened all our Christmas gifts early because I was going nuts wondering what was in the boxes. Not sure how I'll do with a baby!! I have to admit, the biggest motivator for me holding out is I get to come up with that many more names while pregnant. I'd like to go in with 5 for each gender.

    As for pressing gender roles on an unborn child, well I've certainly heard that argument but it doesn't apply to us. Our boys and girls will be creative and ride bikes and love animals and play instruments and read books and climb trees and be bilingual and wear any color they like. The nursery will be fairy tale themed, regardless of gender. Castles, forests, fairies, fauns, and rainbows.
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