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    Haven't had children yet, but is it bad to want to know just because you want to know. I HATE surprises. HATE them. It is an irrational hatred, I understand, but I do. I just want to know. Not to buy clothes, not to set up a nursery, but just because I want to know.
    THIS. I am exactly the same. I loathe surprises. Even the idea of a surprise party gives me irrational discomfort. I will find out whether my future little ones are boys or girls ahead of time for this exact reason. It's not about impatience or about painting nursery walls, just about the knowing itself. (Obviously 50 years ago I would have just dealt with the surprise, but now that I CAN know, I dislike not knowing.)

    Just curious: Would you consider yourself an introvert? I recently read a book about introversion, and it's very common for introverts to hate surprises.
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