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    I need a name for my brainiac.

    This character is, to say the least, a caricature of myself, so I'd like to find a name that fit's my personality but her image-- I have bushy brown-blonde hair whereas she has wavy brown-blonde hair. She's exactly like me, but she's got nice hair.

    This is a basic description of her:

    Scholarly and ambitious, she's the genius of the group. She is quite resourceful and cunning. She can be a bit perplexing, which can help in certain cases. She is very brave, but she doesn't think bravery matters much. With icy bluish-gray eyes and wavy blonde-brown hair, she's beautiful, but hardly anyone notices.

    I would like her name to be very uncommon and perhaps mythological or literary, due to her fascination with knowledge.
    Just a lonely teenager creating a life through characters. Budding author and future failure. I despise the idiots. The nameless berry.



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