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    Trying to condense!

    not pregnant yet, but since my husband is deployed and i need something to keep me occupied until he is home, I've started our list for baby number two, any thoughts/suggestions based off the names? do any really stand out to you (positive or negative)? recommendations of similar names or other name combos would be awesome as well.

    OH and, we want the name to sound nice with our sons name, Oahn Michael (Oahn is pronounced the same as Owen) we don't want it to be matchy-matchy, just kind of.. go. if you know what i mean?


    - Avery Grace
    - Avery Quinn
    - Avery Mae
    - Avery Blaire
    - Avery Teagan
    - Avery Ella
    - Teagan Ivy
    - Teagan Blaire
    - Teagan Emerson
    - Teagan Cara (pronounced Car-a, as opposed to Care-a)
    - Teagan Hadley
    - Teagan Lacey
    - Teagan Abigail
    - Teagan Savannah
    - Aria Grace
    - Aria Blaire
    - Molly Grace
    - Molly Caroline
    - Molly Emerson
    - Molly Quinn
    - Molly Abigail
    - Caroline Grace
    -Caroline Blaire
    -Caroline Quinn
    - Emerson Grace
    - Emerson Blaire
    - Emerson Hadley
    - Emerson Lacey
    - Emerson Abigail
    - Blaire Caroline
    - Ella Avery
    - Ella Grace
    - Ella Hadley
    - Ella Abigail
    - Hadley Grace
    - Hadley Emerson
    - Hadley Quinn
    - Hadley Abigail
    - Lacey Grace
    - Lacey Caroline
    - Lacey Quinn
    - Lacey Abigail
    - Abigail Grace
    - Abigail Emerson
    - Abigail Lacey
    - Abigail Caroline
    - Abigail Savannah
    - Savannah Avery
    - Savannah Lacey
    - Reagan Blaire
    - Reagan Avery

    - Asher Emmett <-- was originally going to be our sons name, but our families talked us out of it, we're still quite attached to Asher, open to more middle name possibilites though.
    - Asher Wesley
    - Asher Daniel
    - Asher James
    - Asher Holden
    - Asher Bennett
    - Asher Caleb
    - Asher Brody
    - Holden Asher
    - Holden Wesley
    - Holden James
    - Bennett James
    - Bennett Wesley
    - Bennett Daniel
    - Caleb Asher
    - Caleb Bennett
    - Caleb James
    - Caleb Daniel
    - Declan James
    - Declan Brody
    - Declan Wesley
    - Alden Wesley
    - Alden Daniel
    - Alden James
    - Alden Asher
    - Brody Declan
    - Brody James
    - Brody Daniel

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    We seem to have vastly different tastes, but I'll give you my favorites.
    For girls I like Caroline Grace
    For Boys I love Declan James
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    thanks i appreciate the feedback
    i really love Caroline Grace too, some of the other names I fear won't age well, Caroline Grace seems to be very pretty and appropriate for any age. Although I am not crazy about the nickname Carrie, which would seem to be inevitable once she would reach school age.

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    It's not that popular on Nameberry, but I do kinda like Teagan! I also like Hadley, Aria, and Molly. I think Molly fits better with your son's name though. Caroline is great! Maybe Susannah rather than Savannah? I think Avery, Lacey, and Reagan will sound dated. For me, Ella and Abigail are extremely popular in the region where I live which gives them a generic feel imo. As for Emerson, I have a really hard times with girls names that end in "son"! Caroline Hadley? Molly Caroline?

    As for boys, you can't go wrong with Asher, Alden, or Holden! Asher Holden or Holden Asher would get my vote!

    Best of luck!
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    with Oahn Michael i like the following best:
    - Teagan Cara
    - Teagan Abigail
    - Aria Grace
    - Ella Grace
    - Lacey Quinn

    - Asher Wesley
    - Holden Asher
    - Holden James
    - Caleb James
    - Alden James
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