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    Middle names for Holden?

    Not expecting, but I'm deciding to expand my list of baby names. My fifth name would be Holden, but I'm stuck on middle names. The names I have so far for boys are Brooks Everett, Emerson Bailey, Julian Dashiell, and Rhys Bennett.

    I have a few so far:
    Holden Andrew
    Holden Beckett
    Holden Quinlan
    Holden Gage
    Holden Matthieu
    Holden Vincent

    Let me know what you think of those, and I'd love any other suggestions. Thank you!

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    Ooh, I ADORE Holden! Awesome choice. I have Holden August on my list. From yours, I really love Holden Beckett, Holden Quinlan and Holden Mathieu. All three are incredibly handsome. I think Holden Andrew flows a bit awkwardly because of the en- ending in Holden butting up against the An- beginning of Andrew. Holden Gage and Holden Vincent just sound rather strange to me... Maybe the style of the names just doesn't work together or something, but I don't think either name sound particularly great. But again, I love Beckett, Quinlan and Mathieu. :3 Good luck!
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    I think Holden Andrew is so handsome!

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    I love the name Holden! My combo is Holden Alexander. I really like Holden Beckett, Holden Gage, and Holden Matthieu from your list. I agree with heidieliza about the slightly awkward flow of Holden Andrew. Holden Quinlan is alright. I don't like how there is a repeating "en" in Holden Vincent.

    Some other suggestions:
    Holden Fletcher
    Holden Zachary
    Holden Mitchell
    Holden Nathaniel

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