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  • April

    15 12.61%
  • May/Mae

    42 35.29%
  • June

    40 33.61%
  • August

    51 42.86%
  • Other

    17 14.29%
  • Longer Version (Junia, Augustus)

    15 12.61%
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    Favorite Month Name

    I love so many of the month names. The problem is I feel like I have to limit myself to using just one for future children. I don't want to be that weird family from when I was a kid that had a way too obvious naming theme- Lily, Daisy, and Ivy. A little much there.

    So sigh. I will probably only ever use one. Right now my favorite is August or maybe April. But I also really love longer versions of these names Junia, Augusta. Ugh. Could somebody get away with having an Augustus and Junia? I don't know.

    What's your favorite?

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    Mae - for a girl. I also like Mavis and Mabel nn Mae.
    August - for a boy. I like Augusta for a girl.

    I like January too! You may be able to get away with Augustus and Junia if they go by Gus and June. August and June wouldn't really fly.
    All the best,

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    I've always thought February and January are awesome, but I'd never really use them.

    April would be cute, but for me it's been taken by the Ninja Turtles.
    Mae is adorable.
    June is sweet.

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    I love May and June. I'd probably use May as a nickname for Mary. I voted for June because it works better as a stand alone IMO.

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    I like June and January for a girl and August and March for a boy.
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