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    Sibling for Indigo Joy...

    ...come on Berries, inspire me! ...please :-)

    Thinking of sibling names for Indigo nn Indi...

    At the moment I'm feeling...

    Greyson Jude/Joel(?) for blue (but wondering if the 'Grey' with Indigo is too much colour?) nn Sonny?

    And for pink I have unfortunately fallen in love with the name Violet but no way could I use this, Indigo and Violet is a definite overload! So I'm stuck for pink!

    Inspire me :-D
    Mummy to Indigo Joy

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    Indigo Joy is amazing!!!!

    I however do think that both Greyson and Violet are too much as FN's unless you want any future kids to also be in a color theme.
    Have you considered Violet or Greyson as a mn? That way the color theme remain but be less obvious?

    Team Blue Suggestions:
    Joel Greyson is equally handsome
    Jameson Grey or Jameson Azure could be cool.
    Yarrow Jude (because Yarrow it sort of looks like the color yellow but isn't and I love it)
    Nobel Hunter (too much of a description?)

    Team Pink Suggestions:
    Paloma Violet
    Hope Lilac (I was thinking since Joy is a word name maybe you'd like Hope)
    Lyric Periwinkle
    Solace Violet
    Pearl Wren
    Little Lorelei - May 2016
    Endora - Freya - Merida - Viola - Zelda
    Dexter - Felix - Gideon - Hendrik - Victor
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    Jude Greyson!!

    For girls:
    Iris Jane
    Penelope Rae

    Man, I am lacking creativity today! I shouldn't post lol.

    I also love the idea of using Violet in the middle spot.

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    Thanks ladies, you're right - I could definitely use Violet in the middle name spot.
    Not sure about Greyson as a mn though, hmmm....

    I wasn't intentionally going for a 'colour theme' so I'm not fussed about continuing the colours tbh, but lovely suggestions - thanks! xx
    Mummy to Indigo Joy

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