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    What do You think

    Freddie Dafydd or Freddie Dafydd Leon - Which one do you like better or another name with Dafydd or Freddie as a middle.

    Corey Edward or Corey Robert or Corey Robert Edward - Which one do you like best or any other middles for Corey (Not James) or any other first names for Robert, Edward or Robert Edward.

    Kaleb - Any middle names for this one.

    Shawn - Any first names for this

    Stephen - Any first names for this

    Sibling Amy-Louise & surname begins with K and ends in ER.

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    javad Guest
    I like Dafydd as a MN a lot, if you have Welsh roots.
    Freddie I don't like too much as a first name, sounds too much like a nickname.
    Leon is a cool second middle name (or even first name) option.

    Corey is okay. Not really my style, but decent.
    Edward and Robert are both fine MN's, though I definitely prefer Edward.

    Kaleb, I don't like at all. Caleb, however, is cool. A bit too popular for my taste, but still a cool name.

    Shawn- It's okay. A bit boring, but okay.

    Stephen- It's okay. A bit boring, but okay.

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    Stephen, Shawn, Edward & Robert I want as Middle names.

    My grandad died in January this year and his name was David Fred. I'm not keen on David as a first name so changed it around. Do you think Freddie-Leon Dafydd or Leon-Dafydd Freddie would sound better. Or any other names that go well with them. - I'm not keen on Surnames too much although I do quite like Carter. - Also not keen on 60's & 70's names. - Also don't like too unique names you can't say.

    I dunno why I like Kaleb I just think it's kinda different.

    Is there any other names to Go with Kaleb/Caleb and Corey.

    Yes I am welsh. - My nan (My grandad's wife) was born in Wales. Also my boyfriend is half Irish as his dad was born in Ireland.

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    renrose Guest
    I like Dafydd as a middle name. You won't get many people able to say it right outside of Wales unfortunately. You'll mostly get 'daf-id' instead of 'dav-eth'. (the 'th' like the start of the not thought)

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    This is why I thought of using it as a middle name as then most people wont know his middle name just as a D they wont actually know his name.

    I know what you mean I'm worried about my boyfriend pronouncing it properly as he's irish & English. and me Welsh & English.

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