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Thread: H & B Names

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    Of your first set, Hunter is the only that I really like, but I like it better with Bradley or Blaine. Or maybe Hunter Barton or Hunter Barrett?? However, on your "H" name list I absolutely L-O-V-E Houston! If I ever have a son, that's my first choice!!!

    Houston Bradley
    Houston Blaine

    what about Houston Barton or Houston Barrett?

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    Houston Barton or Houston Barrett - Houston, Barton & Barrett are common surnames and I DON'T LIKE common surnames as names I'v said this before.

    Huwston Bradley I like but not the Houston spelling. - still the same name but said Hugh-ston as Huw is Welsh for Hugh.

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    just a update - Hayden can be added back onto my list after someone I know has decided to go for a more common name.

    I like Hayden Beau/Bradley.

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    I like Huntley Brett
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    Favs are Hunter, Beau, and Byron.

    Holden's literary figure is such a depressed and sad teenager- that's my immediate thought when I saw that on the list, lol
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