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Thread: H & B Names

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    Thank you for your reply.

    I quite like Hywel (Howell) is that the Welsh spelling? - Yes Hywel is the welsh spelling but pronounced Howell - as in the Surname.

    Havard - I like this, but not sure if my boyfriend will.
    Haldor - How do you say this ?
    Halvard - I'm not sure on this one. How is it said?
    Harvey - I like this but my boyfriend would go mad. He knows someone with this surname and he hates him.

    Bjorn - I quite like this one .
    Bruce, Bertram, Barnabas - These are slighly old for my liking. Although I do like Hwyel Barnabas.
    Bram - How do you say this.

    I think Hywel Barnabas or Hywel Bertram are very handsome.

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    javad Guest
    Hector is definitely my favorite of your H names. I also like Hugo, but I'm not the biggest fan of Huw/Hugh. My favorite of your B names are Beau and Byron.
    Some other options:



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    Huw is a traditional Welsh name.

    Halston - I don't like this one.
    Hadriel - This just looks like Ariel with a H & a D init.
    Hadrian - This just looks like a H has been put infront of Adrian.
    Hershel - I don't like this I had a teacher at school with a name similar.

    Boman/Bowen - I don't like these.
    Bolan - I have no idea how you would say this either.
    Basir - My dad has a friend called Basil so this is out as it will remind me of him.
    Boaz - I like the look of the name but have no idean how you say it.
    Bodhi - This looks quite weird.
    Boden - I dont like this.
    Banan - I kinda like this.
    Brighton - I don't like place names as names Not on boys anyway.
    Booker - I like this one.
    Brogan - I like this one also.
    Brant - I don't like this one either.
    Brandt - I don't like this one.

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    Huw (Hugh) Bradley - I like Huw Bradley - Huw Blaine sounds cut off
    Hector Bradley/Blaine. - not sure if I like Hector
    Hywel (Howell) Bradley/Blaine. - I like Hywel but not sure about the middle names
    Hunter Bryn - I like Hunter, I would like Hunter Blaine!
    Heulyn or Heilyn (Hail-wen) Bailey - Wouldn't that be Heulwyn? The "hail" part throws me off.

    I also like:

    Huw Byron
    Hywel Byron
    Hywel Brent
    Hunter Blaine
    Hunter Bailey

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    Howell Bruce (or in your case Hywel Bruce) is swoon-worthy. I know you said you don't like Bruce but that combo might have to go on my list. I've loved Howell for ages, happy to "meet" someone else who appreciates the name!

    I think a lot of Berries are American/European so Huw looks weird to them, but if this spelling is traditional in your area I think it's fine. And you seem to like that one a lot. Huw Bradley is nice. Huw Byron and Hector Byron are also great.

    Any particular meaning behind the initials H.B.?
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