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Thread: H & B Names

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    Huw (Hugh) Bradley - I like Huw Bradley - Huw Blaine sounds cut off. - I'm trying to kinda mix Irish and Welsh together with english/family names.
    Hunter Bryn - I like Hunter, I would like Hunter Blaine! - Bryn is also welsh was is pronounced Brr-in. it means Hill.
    Heulwyn or Heilwyn (Hail-wen) Bailey - Wouldn't that be Heulwyn? The "hail" part throws me off. - No. Heulwen is the more common name. - Heulwyn & Heilwyn are the variation names. Sorry I missed the W out writing it quickly. It's welsh and in welsh said different to what it actually says, Heu in welsh means Hay.

    I also like:

    Huw Byron/Hywel Byron - I like Huw but I prefer Hywel with this name.
    Hywel Brent - I'm not sure if I like Brent. I like Brett though.
    Hunter Blaine/Hunter Bailey - I think I prefer Huntington Blaine or Huntington Bailey. and have Hunter as a Nickname.

    Howell Bruce (or in your case Hywel Bruce) is swoon-worthy. I know you said you don't like Bruce but that combo might have to go on my list. I've loved Howell for ages, happy to "meet" someone else who appreciates the name! - I don't not like Bruce. I'm not really a fan of 50's -60's names as it's my mum and dads era it kinda feels old if you understand what I mean. I do kinda like Hywel Bruce. I kinda like Hywel Barrie/Barry.

    I think a lot of Berries are American/European so Huw looks weird to them, but if this spelling is traditional in your area I think it's fine. And you seem to like that one a lot. Huw Bradley is nice. Huw Byron and Hector Byron are also great. - It's just basically the same as Hugh but spelt with a W instead of GH. I don't actually live in Wales but I don't live far from it. - I like Huw Byron and Hector Byron also.

    Any particular meaning behind the initials H.B.? - the initals would be H.B.K - My boyfriend has a fave wrestler Shawn Michaels who's ring name was Heart-Break Kid Shawn Michaels. And my boyfriend has always wanted a boy or a girl with the initals H.B.K (K being my boyfriends surname which is lucky).

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    I like Hunter and Holden the best of your names. I think mn Blaine goes best with both. I feel like Huw is way too difficult for people to pronounce. People will try and say it like "how" because it is a similar looking word that they know and can attach their brain to.

    some other H names to consider:

    Some other B names to consider:
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    Thank you. Huw is Welsh and I come from Wales and I am moving back there so that wont be a problem in people saying it. and with other family members they will soon get the hang of it as they are Irish and are used to names that are a bit different.

    Harley - I like this but Unisex names are not for me.
    Hugo - This is on my list.
    Hudson - I like this but a teacher at my old school had this surname.
    Hermes - Kinda sounds like a disease.
    Harvey - I like this but as I said in one of my previous posts - for personal reasons my boyfriend don't like this name.

    Baxter - I don't like this name. It's a common surname as I said above i'm not a fan of common surnames as names.
    Bennett - See Above.
    Blaise - This is my cat's name.
    Booker - I do Love this one.

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    I love Hyrum, and it's quite common in my religious subgroup... I would completely name a son Hyrum, although I know it's considered old-fashioned. I would personally go for Hyrum Booker... I completely love both of those highly unique names. Otherwise, perhaps Hyrum Burke... My second choice would be Hugh... I have a good friend by that name, and it's much underused... perhaps Hugh Bradford?
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    thanks for your reply. I'm not sure on Hyrum as I don't like drinks being in names 'Rum - Drink'. I love Booker as a name. I don't like Burke or Bradford there surnames I know people who have them.

    I love Hugh but I would spell Huw due to me being Welsh.
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