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    Susanna as a mn?

    What do you berries think of the name Susanna? This would be a mn for baby Maeve, who is due in less than 2 months (eek!). My husband suggested it the other day and seems to really love it. I don't hate it, but I'm not 100% feelin' it. My concerns are that it may be too biblical or too Southern for my personal taste, and that it's associated with a couple of Susan/Suzanne(s) whom I don't dislike but whom I don't necessarily want to think I'm naming my daughter after them. The idea behind it was to honor an Anne on my husband's side.

    So, any thoughts on Susanna? How biblical or Southern does it feel to you? Does it sound odd with Maeve? Is it better with an "-h" or without?



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    Maeve Susanna - I don't think it sounds bad, but maybe it's a bit...stuffy? Maeve is a lovely name (one of my favs), but I think something crispy and fresh and bright should go with it instead of Susanna. Maybe Iris or Lena or Isobel or Snow or... also perhaps Ana or Annika (Finnish pet name for Anna) would be delightful

    I am not from an Anglo-Saxon culture so I don't know all the name possibilities (but I am learning from this website ), but there are many gorgeous names out there and some of them could be really fitting with the little Maeve!

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    I like Susannah (I prefer the h, though either works) and I'm in the same boat as you. It's a name I love but am reluctant to consider it since it's attached to people I don't want thinking I was naming for them. It feels southern to me, which I like, but there is a revival of old southern name going on right now so it works well. Despite being a biblical name, it doesn't have a heavy religious association. I associate Susannah with a dozen other things before book of fantasy even enters in mind. It's not like, say, Magdalene or Abel where bible is first thing one things of.

    I like both Maeve and Susannah, though I might prefer the combo Susannah Maeve. Single syllable first names with multi-syllable middles sometimes sound odd to my ear. That being said, I do like the Maeve Susannah combo.

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    I adore Susannah! I love both Biblical and southern names, but I am a southerner and have only ever known one Susannah. It feels vintage, happy, and sweet. Maeve Susannah is great!

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    I really like Susanna, both with and without the H! If I were to use it myself, I'd probably spell it without the H since that's the spelling Shakespeare used for his eldest daughter. It doesn't feel particularly southern or biblical to me; and technically it's from the apocryphal gospels rather than the actual bible, anyway. Maeve Susanna is lovely.
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