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    Six Letters or Less
    Isaura ee-SOW-rah - Way too hard to pronounce
    Lilaia lil-EYE-ah - eh
    Lilia - LOVE! especially with nn Lili

    Seven Letters
    Aemilia - too hard to pronounce and sounds too much like Amelia
    Artemis - I don't really like godess names for real people
    Astraea - How to say it?
    Illyria - Same as above

    Isabeau - OK

    Liliana - nice, but only with nn Lili

    Nerissa - too much like Marissa
    Sabrina - Like it
    Virelai - Pretty, but same pronunciation problem
    Zenobia - Nice

    Eight Letters or More
    Cordelia - Very pretty. Love the nn Lia
    Cressida - too Hunger Games-ish

    For middles, even though it is a bit mainstream, I LOVE Rose.

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