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    Post New List (Girls)

    ]Warning, this list is rather long The list has shorten quickly, so I think I will take longer than a day to really think about more sensible names. Your opinions really did help. Thank you...(I have split them into two different post--girls and boys.

    As mentioned before, I have lost my name list and I am trying to make a new one. Some names are new and some are old. I am still working on it, but I would like to know your thoughts so far. Which ones do you find usable in real-life, would you hire a person with this name, or any other information that you would like to include as to why or why not. Depending on your comments, it may also help me shorten what I currently have. Also, I have included enunciation with some of them, are they the same or different in what you thought. Further suggestions are welcomed.

    Link to Boys: New List (Boys)

    ***TOOK OFF SOME NAMES*** (Some I mostly liked the sound or appearance of and now that I have had some sleep and stopped obsessing over trying to get a new list started, I realized some are over the top. Thanks to those who have commented, and it has helped a lot. I may be adding and deleting a couple of times, so all that I ask, is for you continuous help. Thank you! Also, not all these names are listed for first name, some are middle name options.)

    Six Letters or Less
    Lilaia lil-EYE-ah

    Seven Letters

    Isabeau "I am still debating on this one, I understand most of your reasons, but I just really like it still. There is still a possibility that I will move it to the middle.

    Liliana "I really want a longer form of Lily, but this one I keep coming back on. Unless, someone has some other nice uncommon, but known variants."

    Nerissa nehr-ISS-sah

    Like, but possibly cannot use. (Unless you can change my thoughts.)

    Amélie ah-may-LEE
    Aemilia eye-MEE-lee-ah
    Sakura sah-KOO-rah "Love the meaning of "Cherry Blossoms," another one of my favorite flowers.)

    Rethinking my middle names. Not too many "R" names I like enough to make a sibset out of, so thinking about what I like and what I think flows better.
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    Six Letters or Less
    Avalon It seems out of place with some of your other names, but other than that, I have no issues with it.
    Blythe Very lovely name... One syllable names are difficult with surnames sometimes, but this name feels like a warm summer breeze.
    Isaura I LOVE this name. It's alluring and intriguing. I find it beautiful.
    Isla It's a lovely name, but I'm kinda over it. The Spanish speaker in me cannot reconcile the pronunciation.
    Lilaia I want to say li-LAY-uh. I like Liliana better from your sig.
    Lilia See Lilaia
    Lyra It's ok.
    Neaira Again, I feel like the pronunciation isn't intuitive. That's a big issue for me and just looking at on paper I wouldn't go to your pronunciation automatically.
    Sirona I have that "My Sharona" song in my head when I see this. I want to like it, but then I think of the song.

    Seven Letters
    Aemilia With this one, I'd say save your daughter a lifetime of spelling her name and use Amelia.
    Ariadne Very beautiful. It's right up there with Isaura for me
    Artemis Um, I don't know how I feel about this one.
    Astraea See Artemis
    Illyria Very pretty
    Isabeau To be honest, it's my least favorite Isabel(le) variant. The "beau" ending skews masculine for me, even though I know it's not.
    Liliana Very pretty.
    Nerissa I like this one too.
    Sabrina See Liliana
    Titania I'd hesitate to use a name that starts with "t i t", but I teach high school and they have corrupted my mind.
    Virelai The pronunciation is pretty, but I don't like how it looks spelled out. Does that make sense?
    Zenobia After meeting a student with this name, it's really growing on me.

    From your "eight letters or more" I only like Cressida and Cordelia. I'd use Ariadne over Caliadne and Camila over Camellia

    I'm curious as to why you can't use the names you listed. But here are some alternates...
    Noemi (yes, I know technically it's the same name as Naomi, but they feel SO different to me... this could also be because I love Noemi..)

    R middles I would use:
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Wow! That is long. Ok, here goes. By the way, I LOVE the name Rune!

    Six Letters or Less
    Avalon- pretty. It's useable and I think it would work well on a mature girl.
    Blythe- I have never been a fan of this, but it would work well- very professional.
    Isaura ee-SOW-rah- It looks nice, but I was totally unsure of how to pronounce it and I'm still not quite positive I've got it right.
    Isla EYE-lah-It seems cutesy at this moment in time, but I think that's just because everyone is naming their baby Isla and there aren't many older people with this name right now. I like it.
    Lilaia lil-EYE-ah- No idea how to pronounce it at first. Seems made up.
    Lilia- I like it, but I'm afraid she would get lost in the sea of Lilys. If you want her name to stand out I'd pick something else, but other wise it's very pretty.
    Lyra leer-ah- I LOVE it pronounced Lye-rah, but really dislike the Leer-ah pronunciation. I think people would often pronounce it wrong.
    Neaira neh-EYE-rah- Couldn't pronounce it- you would have problems with that, seems made up.
    Sirona sih-ROH-nah- Reminds me of Corona beer.

    Seven Letters
    Aemilia eye-MEE-lee-ah- Pronunciation problems as well as spelling issues.
    Ariadne ahr-ee-ahd-nee- I really like this and think it would work well.
    Artemis- Again, I like it. Artemis is more known in mythology than Ariadne and that may or may not cause problems. If you like who Artemis was- the huntress- then go for it!
    Astraea- Meh, not a fan.
    Isabeau- I like it. Cute and sweet. Not sure about how it would grow, but I think it would be ok.
    Liliana- This would work well. It's professional and playful.
    Nerissa nehr-ISS-sah-In my opinion this will not grow well.
    Sabrina- I like. Will grow well.
    Titania-I don't think this would work well. She would always get Titanium comments.
    Virelai VEER-ah-lie- Hard to pronounce and spell.
    Zenobia- Sounds witch-y like in the movie Spirited Away. I think it could work though.

    Eight Letters or More
    Caliadne kal-ee-AHD-nee- Pronunciation and spelling problems.
    Camellia- I like it!
    Cerwidwen KEHR-id-wen- See Caliadne
    Cordelia- I like it. It's wise and mature-sounding, but also sweet enough for a little girl. Would grow quite well in my opinion.
    Cressida- Reminds me of Hunger Games. It would be cool to use but I wouldn't be brave enough.

    Like, but possibly cannot use. (Unless you can change my thoughts.)

    Acantha ah-KAHN-thah-I don't really like the sound, but it is easy enough to pronounce.
    Alcyone al-SYE-on-ee- Hard pronunciation.
    Amelia- This is becoming quite common now and would grow nicely.
    Amélie ah-may-LEE- I see pronunciation issues, but only a few. I think most people would get it right. I prefer Amelie- ah-muh-LEE.
    Aurelia- I know a little Aurelie so I think this will work just fine.
    Belpheobe - Never been a fan, prefer Phoebe
    Blythe- commented above
    Caia- know a few people named Kaia. the Caia spelling would work too and I think it would grow well.
    Calluna - Not a fan
    Calypso kah-LIP-soh- I like this one and it would be great if you used it. I, again, wouldn't have the guts to.
    Chloé kloh-AY- With all the Chloes running around that is how it's bound to be pronounced.
    Coriander KOH-ree-an-der- Very cool. Haven't heard this as a name before. Cutting edge. Go for it!
    Corisande koh-rih-SAHND- Easy enough to pronounce, but not a fan of the sound
    Cosima- This has always felt like a dog name to me, but probably only because I had a puppy named Comet once.
    Evadne ev-AHD-nee-Pretty.
    Evanthe eh-VAHN-thee-Pretty. Maybe a few pronunciation problems.
    Gaia- How are you pronouncing it? gay-uh or guy-uh? Either way I see teasing options.
    Halcyon HAL-see-on- Pretty and cutting edge, although not a favorite of mine. Looks to masculine.
    Lavender- I love this- so pretty!
    Lilac- Again, love it but not brave enough to use! Not sure how well it would grow.
    Lotus- See above. Very exotic
    Melisande- Hmm, not my style
    Naomi- Definitely useable but I have never liked it
    Nomia nom-EE-ah- Useable.
    Pallas- Cool. May get confused with palace
    Persephone- Always like it! Go for it!
    Priya- Sounds like a car- prius, but that's just me!
    Sakura sah-KOO-rah-I like it- exotic and flowery!
    Sunniva- Ok, I'm probably pronouncing it wrong, but I'm saying sun-i-vuh. And that inevitably sounds like son-of-a. So, no.
    Waverly- Never been a fan
    Xanthe- Not my style, but a cool name

    "R" Middles
    Raisa rah-ee-sah
    Rani rah-nee
    Reina RAY-nah
    Ríona ree-OH-nah
    Rona ROH-nah
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    Six Letters or Less
    Avalon - I think this is a beautiful name, magical, mystical and enchanting.
    Blythe - I'm on the fence about this one, and I think it's one of the weakest names on your list.
    Isaura - Very pretty.
    Isla - Correct pronunciation I'm not a fan of this one, but that's my personal thing. It's quite cute.
    Lilaia - Very pretty, and so feminine and sweet.
    Lilia - Same as above. If I had to choose between the two, I'd choose Lilaia
    Lyra - I say this LIE-ruh, never heard it pronounced otherwise. Gorgeous name, and it's a constellation!
    Neaira - Quite pretty, but you've got better ones.
    Sirona - Pretty.

    Seven Letters
    Aemilia - I say eh-MEE-lee-uh. I love this name, so beautiful, and the spelling is lovely.
    Ariadne - I say a-ree-AD-nee. One of my favourties, so beautiful and strong and lovely.
    Artemis - My favourite Goddess. Lovely name and makes e picture hunting nymphs...
    Astraea - Gorgeous and starry. Brilliant.
    Illyria - See my signature. Love love love this name so much.
    Isabeau - Not a fan of this. I get confused when I see beau in girl names.
    Liliana - I like your other Lil names more.
    Nerissa - nuh-RIS-uh. I really like this name. It's beautiful and sweet and lovely.
    Sabrina - Goddess name. Beautiful and sweet.
    Titania - Another good one. Very A Midsummer Night's Dream, but that's not a bad thing.
    Virelai - Pretty and musical.
    Zenobia - Love!!!! If I have another daughter, this is a very likely name for her. It's fantastic and cute as a button.

    Eight Letters or More
    Caliadne - Pretty. Like Calliope, Calypso and Ariadne more.
    Camellia - Pretty and floral.
    Cerwidwen - ke-RID-wen. Another future baba name. Love the iciness and Goddess association.
    Cordelia - It's pretty but way too tied to King Lear for me. Prefer Cornelia, it's more fun and self sufficient.
    Cressida - I love Cressida. So very pretty. And the Shakespeare play is cool too.

    Like, but possibly cannot use. (Unless you can change my thoughts.)

    Acantha - That one's too much for me too.
    Alcyone - al-SYE-uh-nee. Another future daughter contender! You've got good taste I love Alcyone, so evocative and enchanting.
    Amelia - Not as pretty as Aemilia in my opinion, but still pretty.
    Amélie - a-me-lee. Another pretty one, but not beautiful.
    Aurelia - Golden Aurelia. I think of Love Actually!
    Belpheobe - Belphoebe, I presume? Another of my loves. So hauntingly beautiful. But I get that this one is tricky.
    Caia - Eh, not a fan. Prefer Kaja.
    Calluna - Sweet, but I like Luna, Lune or Evelune more.
    Calypso - kuh-LIP-so. Another one I love. It gives me the same feeling as Alcyone.
    Chloé - I prefer simple Chloe, but it's still lovely.
    Coriander - Oh no. Please don't.
    Corisande - Much better. Yes to this one!
    Cosima - Love! Sounds like snuggling up under blankets and drinking cinnamon tea.
    Evadne - uh-VAD-nee. Love this, so gorgeous and mesmerising.
    Evanthe - Nice, but Evadne is better.
    Gaia - Very cool.
    Halcyon - I like it, but Alcyone is soooo much better.
    Lavender - Yes, I do like Lavender. The name, the flower.
    Lilac - Love the flower, as a name not so much.
    Lotus - Beautiful, but very sexual.
    Melisande - Stunning and medieval.
    Naomi - Cute and sweet.
    Nomia - Not as good as Naomi. Or Noemi.
    Pallas - I do like it, but it's kind of heavy.
    Persephone - Pretty and sweet. And fun to say.
    Priya - I do not like this. Sorry! I think it's all because of that character on The Big Bang Theory.
    Sakura - It's fine.
    Sunniva - I love this. Feels like a windy sunny day on a hill by the fjords in Norway. Good name.
    Waverly - Very pretty! So so cute. Westley and Buttercup's daughter.
    Xanthe - Gorgeous. Very blonde though.

    "R" Middles
    Raisa - Beautiful and sweet.
    Ramana - Eh. Not good, not bad. Just in between.
    Rani - It's ok.
    Reina - Lovely and spunky.
    Reverie - Calm, still, beautiful.
    Ríona - Not sure... might be because it's the end of the list, and my head is full of names. Or that it's simply not that great.
    Riviére - Nope.
    Rona - Looks like Ron with an -a attached. Boring.

    Long list, dudette! Good list though.
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    Here's the ones I like that could also work as first names in the real world ^_^

    Six Letters or Less

    Avalon -- I know a lovely little Avalon
    Isaura ee-SOW-rah -- I'm not sure I like it at all, I'm only leaving it to ask is it SOW rhymes with LOW or SOW rhymes with OW
    Lyra -- I would love this one tons more if you were saying it LIE-rah as it's supposed to be said for the constellation named for Orpheus' lyre rather than like Lyric

    Seven Letters

    Ariadne ahr-ee-ahd-nee -- I leave this one to point out you're saying it wrong. The correct Greek pronunciation is air-ee-odd-nee and I love it that way

    Eight Letters or More


    Like, but possibly cannot use. (Unless you can change my thoughts.)

    Calypso kah-LIP-soh
    Lotus -- as a middle though
    Xanthe -- My Amazon Author Page

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