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Thread: New names!!

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    New names!!


    Yesterday I posted a thread asking all of you what your favorite girl names were. I got some pretty awesome feedback on my list and found some new names I've never even considered.

    Just to refresh, my top three names ATM are Fiona, Ivy and Violet. I tend to go for classic vintage type names that are uncommon but not unheard of.

    Names I came across in some of your responses that stood out to me ..Flora, Celia

    Name I came across on my own that I'm lovin'..Cecily <3

    So of course I have a whole set of new questions lol and would love your opinions

    Fiona or Flora? Which do you prefer most and why?

    What are your honest opinions on Cecily?

    Make me your favorite sibsets out of Fiona, Ivy, Violet, Flora, Cecily, Celia. Feel free to mix and match as many times as you like. My favorite would be Fiona & Cecily nn Fi and Se-See

    Thanks for all your wonderful responses.

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    Fiona feels distinctly Irish to me while none of your other names seem as moored to a particular origin. Fiona also doesn't feel quite as underused vintage as your other choices. For those reasons and my own personal preference, I prefer Flora nn Flossie or Florrie.

    I love Cecily. I think it's understated, girlish without being frilly, and historically grounded. I don't love Cece as a nickname (it seems too cutesy), but I see its potential. I prefer Cila (sil-uh) or Cea (see-uh).

    Violet & Cecily or Celia, or Flora & Cecily would be my fave combos.

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    Prefer Fiona over Flora. Definitely prefer Fiona over Ivy and Violet.
    Prefer Cecily over Celia. Cecily is cute for a baby, but works for an adult. I like Ceci as a nn. You could use Celie too.

    My top choices would be Cecily and Fiona.
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    1) Flora! Fiona has a green-skinned ogre image (hmmm... I wonder why?) which could be teasing potential, especially with little kids. Flora has a vintage, lace-and-pearls feel. Classy and gorgeous, with lots of personality!

    2) Honestly, I think Cecily has a pretty spelling but a hideous sound. It reminds me of a squealing pig. I prefer Cecilia, by a long shot. I also ADORE the nn CeCe!

    Flora & Violet would be my top two, but is the floral theme too much?
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    I prefer Fiona to Flora. Flora makes me think flora & fauna.

    Cecily is ok but I think Celia is prettier. But since Celia and Fiona is a bit matchy, I would say Cecily and Fiona. I like the nn CeCe.
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