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    Warning, this list is rather long The list has shorten quickly, so I think I will take longer than a day to really think about more sensible names. Your opinions really did help. Thank you...(I have split them into two different post--boys and girls.

    As mentioned before, I have lost my name list and I am trying to make a new one. Some names are new and some are old. I am still working on it, but I would like to know your thoughts so far. Which ones do you find usable in real-life, would you hire a person with this name, or any other information that you would like to include as to why or why not. Depending on your comments, it may also help me shorten what I currently have. Also, I have included enunciation with some of them, are they the same or different in what you thought. Further suggestions are welcomed.

    Link to Girls: New List (Girls)

    ***TOOK OFF SOME NAMES*** (Some I mostly liked the sound or appearance of and now that I have had some sleep and stopped obsessing over trying to get a new list started, I realized some are over the top. Thanks to those who have commented, and it has helped a lot. I may be adding and deleting a couple of times, so all that I ask, is for you continuous help. Thank you! Also, not all these names are listed for first name, some are middle name options.)

    Six Letters or Less
    Callum KAL-um

    Seven Letters
    Auberon OH-ber-on

    Eight Letters or More

    Like, but possibly cannot use. (Unless you can change my thoughts.)
    Edmund "I like this name okay, better than Ed.ward. I originally considered this variant as way to honor my dad, but now I am not so sure. Plus, I remembered a family friend's son has this name.

    Rethinking my middle names. Not too many "R" names I like enough to make a sibset out of, so thinking about what I like and what I think flows better.
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