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    What do you think of these?

    Looking for a brother name to Dominic, that also has a cute nickname. I want something around that level of popularity, familiar but not overused, and no surname-type names because we've got a surname that is also used as a first name (J__son)

    Nathaniel - would likely be nicknamed Nate
    Sebastian - Sebby
    Theodore - Theo or Teddy
    Jeremy - Jem - but does it go with a J surname?
    Spencer - no idea on nicknames
    Gregory - Greg - the name of my husband's uncle who recently passed away, he thinks it would be a good way to honour him but is it a bit morbid to do that when the baby would end up with the exact same first and last name. Also I think it sounds a bit weird on a baby but I told him I'd consider it.

    That's it. We're more in sync with boys names than we were with girls, but that doesn't stop our list being fairly short this time around. Some of the other names we liked for Nico we can't use now because they've been taken.
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    I really like Theodore. I think Theodore Gregory sounds nice.
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    Ooh, I like that combination actually. I think I'd prefer to use Gregory in the middle spot if we used it because, well, everyone knows his uncle as Greg J___son, so to have a child Greg J___son might get a bit confusing to family and close friends. He was really close to his uncle so it would be nice to use it, but Nico's name wasn't after anyone and would it be odd to honour with one child and not another? We haven't sorted out middle names yet but I might suggest using Gregory there and picking a different first name and see what he says.
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    Nathaniel - I prefer Nathan to Nathaniel, but Nico and Nate would be adorable as brothers!
    Sebastian - I quite like this, but not so keen on nn Sebby though, seems a bit childish to me.
    Theodore - Like this and both the nicknames.
    Jeremy - I think Jeremy J___son would work, they're different syllables. Jem's cute too. A bit dated, though.
    Spencer - I like but I don't think it goes with Dominic much. Maybe as a middle
    Gregory - This one's on my own list, but given your situation with it, I'd say put it in the middle spot. Having one brother honouring and one not isn't a problem, especially if it means so much to your husband to use the name.


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