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    My favourite is Magdelene. I went to school with a Magdelene, it's a beautiful name.
    After that, Odetta.
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    I love Phoebe. I like Odette better than Odetta. Etta is fine, but still sounds like a granny to me. I don't like Izetta much but it does have a fun sound.

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    Trudy is a little old fashioned, was a nickname for Gertrude, and was my step-grandmother's name, apparently.
    Isetta and Odetta are nice, but I prefer Etta. Izetta seems nicer spelled Isetta.
    Magdalene and Magdalena are both very nice, but I think I prefer Magdalena for the nickname option Lena.
    Juno and Phoebe have the same vibe for me, both slightly spunky, sort of ethereal, green, and lush. Very nice!
    My favorites are Phoebe and Juno, followed by Magdalena and Etta, then Isetta and Odetta, and lastly Trudy.
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    @charactername.... I like the option of Lena as nn for Magdalena... I like Maggie as well but good to see different nn options! Thanks!

    Keep the opinions coming!
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