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    Decided on a name -question on Monogram

    Harper Kate Lee W.

    Lee was my mother in law's middle name, but Harper Lee wrote To Kill a Mockingbird--I was ok with that, but it looked really masculine when it was written out with our last name so decided to make it a second middle name.

    When we told people we were thinking of Harper, we were offered several other name suggestions. That made me like the name even more!

    How would a Monogram be done with the 2 middle names? I refer to her as Harper Kate and leave out the Lee as it is a bit of a mouthful.

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    A monogram would contain all initials I believe, H.K.L.W. If there are only space for three, then H.K.W.

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    I think monograms today are a bit more "anything goes" than tradition used to require. You could do the four initials in a row like east93 suggests, or if ever she has a preferred middle name, say "Kate," go with the classic HWK. I've also seen modern monograms where the last first three letters (HKL) are done vertically and small next to a large last initial (W).

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