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    Thank you guys so much, I love these suggestions! I really love the Bella Reena thing (Arabella Serena is my fave for that combo) and Bella Rue is just adorable My husband LOVES the name Sophia so I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to incorporate it without losing my cute nickname options. Arabella Sophia is beautiful but I can't do much with for a nickname. I was thinking if I reversed it to Sophia Arabella, she could be "Sophie Bell". I'm just concerned that Sophia seems to be so popular now. What do you guys think?

    Thanks again, you all rock!!

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    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    Arabella Luna nn Bella-lu
    Arabella Sophia nn Bella-fia
    Arabella Clover nn Bella-clo
    Arabella Evangeline nn Bella-eva or Bella-vangie
    Arabella Marigold nn Bella-mari (m-ARE-ee)
    Arabella Harlow nn Bella-low
    Good-luck xo

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    Arabella Mae/May was my first thought - Bella Mae / Bella May, depending on how you like it spelt.

    A one syllable middle name seems to flow in my head:

    Arabella Grace - Bella Grace
    Arabella Eve - Bella Eve / Bella Evie
    Arabella Rae - Bella Rae
    Arabella Joy - Bella Joy

    Even a longer name could work:

    Arabella Charlotte - Bella Charlotte
    Arabella Poppy - Bella Poppy
    Arabella Renee - Bella Renee
    Arabella Eden - Bella Eden / Bella Edie

    Arabella Mae is definitely my favourite - Katie Rose and Bella Mae are so sweet together.

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    Wanting to be pregnant.

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