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    Need the perfect middle name for Arabella (nickname "Bella") that will be used a lot.

    My older daughter is named Katelyn Rose and we always call her "Katie Rose". For this baby (due in October) we have settled on the name Arabella, but will most likely be calling her Bella and I want to find a middle name that sounds great saying it together with Bella but I am stumped! I have friends with two daughters named Alexis Katherine (nickname is Ali Kat) and the other daughter is Samantha Josephine (nickname Sammie Jo) I absolutley LOVE the idea of longer first and middle names with matching nicknames like that. So I am looking for either a short middle name that goes well with Bella or a longer middle name that can be shortened into a nickname that goes well with Bella. It will be something we use often and call her everyday. Hopefully that makes sense! Thank you SO much for any suggestions!


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