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    A Story About Powerful Siblings

    A little naming inspiration is needed, berries! I am in desperate need of some help! I am developing a story now about a pair of siblings.

    The story takes place in a historical fantasy world. These twins have powers. They're ostracized for having their abilities, but they are not alone. There are others who also have powers and are also pariahs because of them. This dissension between the gifted and non-gifted is fueled, naturally, by paranoia, fear, jealousy, and all those other things that make ignorance and prejudice run rampant. The gifted are a minority and the use of their abilities is outlawed and punishable by death. The scope of these powers or gifts varies from individual to individual. Some of the gifted are incredibly powerful while others can only perform what might be equated to parlor tricks.

    As the tensions between these gifted and non-gifted parties become increasingly more hostile, gifted people begin fearing for their lives and livelihoods. Desperation and fear drive them to aligning themselves with a group (an almost cult-like group) headed up by an incredibly powerful individual (yet to be determined if this person is male or female) who promises of a future where they will no longer be penalized or persecuted for their abilities.

    The major theme in this story is the moral grey area. Who is the real villain? If you were in a similar situation, what would you do to protect your family and friends (whether you're gifted or non-gifted)?

    The siblings are twins, a boy and a girl, around the age of 15, 16, or 17. They're both incredibly powerful - the most powerful gifted individuals of their age. Because they're young and harnessing so much powerful energy, they're often unable to control their abilities, often with devastating consequences. The children are incredibly close; they live alone as their parents are deceased.

    The story is primarily about the girl. She fears and hates her gifts. She has a terrible time controlling her abilities, particularly in moments when she is overly emotional. Her lack of control is what caused the untimely death of her parents. She lives with the burden of her guilt on a daily basis and, as a result, is very timid and cautious. She adores her brother and relies very heavily on him.

    When the sister is unable to control her powers and is caught violating the law, her brother takes the fall for her and is imprisoned. This forces the girl to use her gifts, learn to control them, and face her fears to save her brother. She must come to terms with the politics of their world and where she stands.

    Her brother is strong, spirited, and stubborn. He is caustic and openly flippant toward the governing body and laws made against his kind. He is much better at controlling his gifts than his sister and often talks of wanting to join the rebellious group standing against the majority rule that reviles their kind. He doesn't, however, because he knows he could never take his sister with him and he would never leave her.

    I cannot decide on names for these two sibling characters. At first, I thought of Victory and Viggo but … I don’t know. Victory is such a strong name for a character that starts out so timid. So then I thought about Evie for the girl because it is a nickname form of Eve, a bit more girly and sweet, in my opinion. However, it still has the connection to Eve and the image of Eve as being both a powerful symbol of feminine power, a temptress, and a knowledge seeker. But then I’m stumped on the boy.
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