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    Are these names too similar?

    This is my first thread, so please be kind! My husband and I are planning to TTC at the end of this year, and I'll be honest, I've gone a little name obsessed. I know you can't plan for exactly what you'll have, but I'd really like to have "the names" picked out for any potential sibling sets we could be blessed with (or at least be 99% sure of what we want). Just call me a super planner

    We already know that if we have one girl, her name will be Aveline (pronounced A-vuh-leen). Nicknamed Lina. A middle name won't be decided on until we're actually expecting. I want to find another girl's name that my husband and I love just as much for a potential sister. The problem though, is that the names have to be somehow taken from, or inspired by names of family members.

    Three names I've been pushing hard for are Elouise, Elouisa, or Elowen.

    I had a great grandpa Louis whom I would love to honor. I'm also very drawn to "L's" and absolutely adore the nickname Loie (low-ee) as a slight nod to my grandpa. I think that Elouisa flows better than Elouise with our 3-syllable last name, and it gives my husband that little bit of Italian flair (he's Italian, I'm Hungarian/Irish) but I'm worried that it's a bit of a mouth full? Our last name is 3-syllable Italian that starts with a "B", and ends in an "i"

    The other option, Elowen, is also starting to tug at my heart strings. It gives us the Lowie nickname that I love so much, with an added bonus for nickname Winnie. 1) Do you think that Winnie is a stretch as a nickname? 2) And do you think Aveline and Elowen have too many similarities?

    If it helps, my name and my husbands name are both Irish in origin, 2-syllables that end with "n" so having another name ending with that letter would not bother me a bit.

    Also if it helps, a potential boy would either be Rory Lennox, or Royce Lennox. (opinions on these as well are also welcome!) Thanks!

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