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    Penelope & Evangeline are gorgeous names.

    Although, since Kourtney Kardashian has named her daughter Penelope I think it will become very, very popular.

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    Just so you know, I have friends who child is half Japanese and half white... he came out with sand blonde hair, blue eyes, light complexion with freckles... and wait for it... slanted eyes. xD So cute!! When he smiles his eyes almost disappear completely. Their 2nd and 3rd (twins) did come out a lot more like you described though.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    I know a sibset with a Leo and Eva, beautiful, go with Evangeline!!

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    The names are so evenly split I am still so torn! I've been thinking about it all weekend and I feel like I am not any closer. I know I am not pregnant yet but I don't see hormones making this any easier which is why I wanted it decided beforehand.

    Ugh! I love them all!

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    I know an 8 year old Genevieve, and she goes by Genna. And I love Evangeline. I say go with that.

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