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    Have you considered Evaline? Shorter then Evangeline ... but still keeping that line sound you like and nn Eva... I love nn Eva and Evie ...

    I agree margot is to close to Leo esp since his name is short.

    Love Margaret one of my favs

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    Evangeline (but think about the nicknames and whether you like them)
    I love Margot too. I don't think it is that big a deal re same ending as her brother - after all it is only going to be a short portion of her life where she's "Margot and Leo" - she'll be her own person. (n.b. google funny story about Dame Margot Fonteyn's meeting with Jean Harlow re this name)

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    I live Evangeline, I don't think it is too much with Leo. Nicknames could include Eva, Angie or Lina.


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    metami43 Guest
    Caroline- I like it. I see a gentle refined lady
    Margaret- I do not care for. Sounds old and stuffy. I do like the nn Maggie and Meg and (sort of) Peggy
    Penelope- One of my guilty pleasure names I would never use
    Genevieve- I really like this one. Could nn Viv or Eve, Evie or even Nina
    Margot- Love. A lot better than Margaret IMO
    Emmeline- Too popular around here.
    Evangeline- I really like this one, another of my guilty pleasure names, but I thought about using it for my DD Autumn

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    First of all, I love Leo! I think almost all these names work well with Leo.

    Caroline- I mostly just find this name boring, but it does have a pretty sound.
    Margaret- I never used to like Margaret, but it's been growing on me. I'm not sure how I like it with Leo, though.
    Penelope- yeah, probably a bit trendy, but I love this name anyway. It is growing in popularity, so it just depends whether or not you like the name more than you care about popularity.
    Genevieve- I agree. Love this name, would hate to have a Jenny! Still, so pretty.
    Margot- I really love this name! I don't know if the similar endings would bother me too much. Margot is a similar style to Leo, but maybe Margot and Leo is a bit much. I'm not sure.
    Emmeline- I wouldn't let a cousin's kid stop me from using a name. Emmeline is gorgeous! Emmeline and Leo.
    Evangeline- It does seem like a lot of name next to Leo, but I don't think it's that bad. Leo is two-syllables, after all, even if it looks short. Would you use Evie as a nn? Evie and Leo are so cute. And I really love Evangeline!

    My favorites from your list:

    Leo and Margot
    Leo and Emmeline
    Leo and Evangeline
    Leo and Penelope
    Lucy & Hazel & Nora & Alice & Sophie
    Henry & Rowan & Milo & Oliver & Ezra

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