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    I keep thinking I have it narrowed down but keep changing my mind... please help!

    I always think I have finally decided on my top two or three and then a few days later I change my mind. I almost wish that my husband and I didn't like so many of the same girl names because it makes it hard for me to choose! He really likes all of these on the list and said he would be happy with any of them which makes it even MORE difficult!
    Caroline- worried it's a bit boring. But still very pretty
    Margaret- husband really likes and I do too but it's not my absolute favorite.
    Penelope- too trendy?
    Genevieve- My husbands second favorite name. I really like as well, but do not like the nickname Genny
    Margot- Love. Easily my favorite but has the same ending as Leo. I go back and forth as to whether or not it bugs me enough to take it off my list.
    Emmeline- We both really like but cousin has a daughter named Emmie.
    Evangeline- My husbands favorite girl name ever. I think its gorgeous but maybe a bit much next to Leo?

    Ok what do you think? If we have another boy before we have a girl his name will most likely be either Augustin (Gus), Philip, or Rhys.

    Thank you so much
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