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    1 Evangeline - Leo is a strong name and I think this girls name is as well.
    2 Genevieve - A pretty French classic and has the same European vibe as Leo.
    3 Caroline - This name is timeless and goes well with Leo.
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    1. Evangeline: I don't think it's too much with Leo. They give off the same feeling to me. "Eva and Leo" has such a nice ring to it, also.
    2. Caroline: Not to be repetitive, but it's timeless and classic. It's the kind of name where you can't go wrong.
    3. Genevieve: Adorable as a little girl and romantic as a woman, I think it's beautiful. You have the possible nicknames Eve, Vivi, Jen or any of the others mentioned.
    4. Penelope: I have had a long love for this name. If you aren't afraid of its recent rise in popularity (no more popular than Caroline, I'm sure) then I'd say it's a lovely choice with Leo.
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    I don't care for Evangeline at all.

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    First off, you can not go wrong with any of the names, they are all beautiful, classics! My favorite with Leo is Margot... second would be Caroline and lastly Evangeline!
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    My favorites are Caroline and Penelope, but that is mostly because they are closer to my style of name (I particularly love the rendition Karolina). But I think that if you and your husband love, for example, Evangeline, you should use that. There is nothing dislikable about the other names you have listed, besides Caroline and Penelope being exemplary in my opinion Besides, the way I learn to appreciate names is good associations. If I got to know a little girl named Evangeline, it would probably become a favorite name :)

    On a side note, my nephew Evander is half-Asain as well. Such an adorable combo!

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