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    I haven't read the entire thread put personally this is how I feel -

    A literary name is bad if it chosen purely because of a character in a book - eg I named my son Atticus because I loved the character etc. However if a parent loves the name, and the fact that there is a character with a decent history behind it makes it more special - then I will get fully behind it, personally a literary association has got to come to second.

    I have the same issue with biblical names, so often you hear people say I want my child to be named after someone from the bible or I named my son Matthew because he wrote my favourite gospel etc - but I generally feel as parent should love a name on it's own merit rather than the history that goes with it.

    Because after all these names are just characters - they have moulded over time, as language has changed, so even if you are the most religious person naming your son Joshua, doesn't necessarily mean that the biblical Joshua had exactly the same name, spelling and pronunciation.

    Whereas if you love the name Joshua it sound, its meaning and finally it's history - then the biblical references will simply make it more special.

    Personally I would prefer to hear children being named after people who have had an impact on the parent, whether it be a grandparent, a friend or even a famous figure who they respect - than a person who has been made up by an author.

    So I would quite happily name a son Atticus Thomas (if I liked the name Atticus) because I love the named Atticus, and the middle name would honour a family member. The fact that Atticus is a noble character in a story - and Thomas is biblical would come second to my choice. However I would never disregard a name, simply because it had major connations to a story - however Atticus really isn't my style!

    But to be honest - I generally feel that what someone names their child is up to them - and everyone has different opinions on it - so I try my very hardest not to judge
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