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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    For instance, a literary baby name on the child of a small-town librarian would not be pretentious; a literary baby name on the child of a WASPy Wall Street Yale grad who's only ever read Donald Trump's autobiography, however, would be pretentious for days.
    As a small town librarian, I have to agree!

    Actually, I love literary names, but I do tend to role my eyes when other people use them. I don't know if I would use a name, like Atticus, that's so closely tied to a literary character, even though it's a great name. I think I would be reluctant to use an overtly literary name because it would be so... expected? I don't know. That might be worse than pretentiousness.

    As for flaunting my education and privilege in the faces of the unwashed masses - who cares what those plebes think? I want my kid's name to erase any doubt that he or she belongs to the elite, educated classes. I want his or her name to proclaim to the world, "My mother has massive student loan debt!"

    ^^that was a joke. Not the student loan debt, though. That part is true.

    On a related note: I stood in line behind someone at the grocery store one day who called her kids Ebenezer and Ichabod. I think I may have visibly flinched.
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